Bosch ebike tuning chip

The sale or use of an electric bicycle unlocking kit is now prohibited by the Highway Code. We invite you to check the legislation in force in your country. This article is provided for information only. In no case do we encourage cyclists to equip themselves with a kit.

Specialists in unlocking since 2016, we know all the kits sold on the market. We have studied the different characteristics of the Bosch engine modules sold on the market, their reliability, durability and price. If you own an electric bike equipped with a Bosch motor, here is our recommendation to unlock it efficiently and at the best price.


  • Compatible with 2020 engines (4th generation)
  • Displays your real speed
  • Permanent assistance whatever your speed
  • Compatible with all Bosch engines
  • Compatible with INTUVIA, NYON, KIOX and PURION screens
  • Activation via the Walk Assist button
  • Not compatible with Speedbikes (limited to 45 km/h)

How it works

Activation and deactivation of the release kit is done using the Walk assist button on your electric bicycle. Press and hold the walk assist button for 2 seconds until the instrument panel displays 9.9 km/h. Your electric bicycle is now unlocked. If you wish to deactivate the module, simply press the Walk button again. Your display will then show 2.5 km/h, which means that your engine is again blocked above 25 km/h.


Specially designed for Bosch electric bikes, the Speedbox 2 unlocking kit deactivates the speed limiter at the touch of a button. When Speedbox 2 is activated, the maximum speed of the assistance can reach 99km/h.

The Speedbox 2 comes in the form of an electronic box with a microprocessor and sensors. Once switched on, the brain of the deblocking kit interacts with the assistance software via sealed wired connectors. The kit therefore enables the cyclist to exceed the 25 km/h speed limit set by the regulations for EAB. The assistance is always activated to help the cyclist reach his goal quickly. The settings are always operational from the on-board computer, which only displays real data.

In addition to these technical feats, the Speedbox 2 for Bosch engines is a very compact and discreet module that can be installed in the crankcase. It can be easily mounted and dismounted by means of a magnetic fastener. In addition to these technical prowess, the Speedbox 2 for Bosch engines is also very discreet. However, access to the motor connectors requires the removal of all plastic covers from the electrical parts of the bike.

Set up

  1. Switch off your electric bicycle and remove the battery.
  2. Dismantle the engine block to gain access to the cables.
  3. Disconnect your engine using the connectors provided.
  4. Connect the e unblocking kit to the previously disconnected connectors.
  5. Reassemble your engine on the bike.
  6. Reconnect the battery.
  7. Switch on the electric bicycle and activate the module using the Walk assist button.

Definition of tuning

Unlocking an e-bike motor means interfering with the original settings of the motor. Legislation imposes a speed limit of 25 km/h on the electric bicycle. By unlocking your motor you allow your motor (Bosch Active, Performance or CX Line) to continue to run beyond this limit.

Advantages compared to manual unclamping

Unlike manual release, the installation of a release kit is quick and easy. Bicycle performance will be much better and the kit will guarantee optimum operation for many years.

The installation of this type of electronic module does not change the structure of your bike but only the information transmitted to the Bosch engine. This means that there is no risk of damaging your electric bicycle by moving parts of the frame.

Also, the Bosch release kit offered is not visible since it fits perfectly into the motor housing.

Bosch motors

Active Line

In order to regain a certain amount of freedom at the wheel of your Bosch electric bicycle, it should be equipped with a powerful motor such as Active Line. This type of motor provides moderate assistance, which is ideal for short city trips with a lot of gradients and frequent stops. It is therefore advisable for people who are going to use the EAB for the daily home-work-home journey.

Equipped with 3 high-performance sensors, the engine is able to respond more quickly to the driver’s demands. It allows EAV users to experience a new, more comfortable ride with less pedalling resistance.

Bosch is revolutionising the VAE motor market by creating this lightweight and quiet motor. It weighs only 2.9 kg. Its rounded shapes and small size make Active Line virtually invisible in the bike frame.

By coupling this Bosch VAE engine with the Purion console and the Powerback 300 battery, you get the best combination for long rides without too much effort. It should be noted, however, that the Active Line range is compatible with other brands of on-board computers such as Nyon, Kiox or Intuvia.

Active Line Plus

Sharing many similarities with its big brother, Active Line Plus is a version that offers a higher level of derailleur assistance, whether in sport or turbo mode.

In addition to the smooth and elegant acceleration, Active Line Plus is also smoother at the start, enhancing the rider’s comfort and safety. Indeed, pedalling is smoother and more agile while the gear change is very discreet. These multiple advantages make the Active Line Plus engine an excellent choice for all city outings and occasional rides in leisure mode, once coupled to a powerful battery that increases its range.

Its main interest in purchasing is therefore its adaptability, which makes it easy to handle in any situation. This intelligent motor adapts to your pedalling rhythm to keep the same cadence on slopes as on flat ground. All in all, the Active Line Plus engine provides a more pleasant driving sensation that allows you to enjoy the scenery with confidence.

Slightly heavier (3.2 kg), the Active Line Plus engine has the same delicate and exceptional curves. However, it remains very compact and elegant on the frame of the Bosch electric bicycle. Its performance is optimal with the derailleur transmission.

Performance Line

The Bosch Performance engine is also available in two versions: the Cruise version limited to 32 km/h (with either a derailleur or a hub) and the Speed version at 45 km/h. Equipped with innovative technologies, the maximum level of assistance reached is 275%, which is sufficient for long bike excursions outside the city.

The power of the electric assistance is felt especially during starting. But its real advantage is that it is capable of maintaining this power both flat and uphill. The Performance Line Speed engine therefore offers a sportier ride and is more suitable for cyclists in a hurry or who have to cover long distances on a daily basis.

If you’re tired of pedalling, but need to get to a point B more than 30 km away in less than an hour, simply set the assistance level to Turbo from the console to get a maximum power of 575 W. This Performance Line engine, reserved for VAE unleashing, makes for smart driving. The 3 sensors built into the engine measure torque, speed and acceleration to match the rider’s pedalling frequency as closely as possible.

Performance Line CX

The latest generation of Performance Line CX engines is the perfect ally for demanding users. Equipped with a maximum power of 600 W, it fears no obstacles. Regardless of the type of terrain, it is possible to maintain the same cadence thanks to a level of assistance that can reach up to
300% bar in Turbo mode.

This Bosch engine combines all the qualities required to satisfy amateur or sports cyclists. It’s an ultra-powerful engine that develops its full potential instantly from the very first pedal stroke. It incorporates a new assistance mode (eMTB) that automatically adapts the ride to any type of terrain and is perfectly suited to steep and uneven terrain.

The Performance CX engine is also capable of endurance, because even under heavy load, it won’t overheat. All of these benefits, coupled with the gear shift detection options or automatic shift assist, result in a high-performance EAV with a smooth and dynamic ride.

The Performance CX engine is definitely the option to take for those who like to practice sports in VAE. It allows you to concentrate 100% on the course.

Bosch ebike displays


Purion is an on-board computer with a very pure design that focuses only on the essentials. In other words, it displays only the most basic functions such as manual driving mode adjustment or real-time speed display.

This is the model that at least occasional or regular users should have to manage and view the data and performance of their Bosch engine and power-assisted bicycle. Although it is minimalist, Purion is very accurate and efficient. All the information from the sensors is at your fingertips with a simple gesture of the thumb.


If you want a console that you don’t have to touch every minute to check your settings or navigation data, opt for the intuitive Intuvia dashboard. All data is displayed on a backlit screen that you can see at a glance.

Intelligent and clever, Intuvia can advise on changing gear or assistance mode when necessary to protect the engine and battery. A real plus for users who want to concentrate on driving while keeping their hands on the handlebars for


Combining design and performance, Kiox is a complete on-board computer that allows ultra-precise measurements and adjustments. In developing this console, Bosch has thought of the very demanding sportsmen and EVA owners who require a scratch-resistant screen, a watertight, solid and robust case, capable of withstanding shocks and falls with a magnetic support for off-road use.

Kiox provides several pieces of information, including battery charge level, speed, heart rate, distance travelled, etc… Its Bluetooth interface replaces the USB port to allow remote updates of this software sound.


By installing a Nyon console on your VAE, you benefit from an all-in-one brain, ideal for adapting to the whims of your travels or journeys. This connected dashboard will revolutionise your driving as it will be able to interact with an internet portal (eBike Connect) and a dedicated Smartphone mobile application.

Nyon offers the possibility to pedal in ride mode, navigation mode or fitness mode. In concrete terms, you can plan your journeys in advance, share your data online, evaluate your performance in real time, find your way around thanks to GPS, find shortcuts or count the calories burned.

Bosch ebike batteries

Powerpack 300

The Powerpack 300 battery has a long enough lifespan for regular short urban trips on a daily basis. It is perfect for workers who have to cycle several times a week. Note that the entire Powerpack range benefits from the best protection devices against overload, overheating and short circuits.

Powerpack 400

Mounted on the frame or luggage rack, this battery is powerful enough for a short ride or to go shopping by bike. Like all models in the Bosch Powerpack battery range, this version has a high energy density and recharges quickly.

Powerpack 500

This battery, which is the same size as its predecessors, offers a longer range, allowing you to drive 90 km in cruise mode on a 100% full charge. It delivers 500 Wh of energy to propel a VAE engine over a medium distance, for frequent and regular use.

Powertube 500

The Powerback 500 lithium-ion battery is equipped with new technologies that increase its lifespan while providing the necessary and adequate energy for your city trips, outings and leisure activities. Versatile, there is no risk of memory effect or spontaneous discharge during use.


It provides a power of 1000Wh thanks to the combination of two batteries and allows the transport of heavy loads. It is suitable for experienced hikers and cyclists who like to travel long distances. Note that Bosch batteries are compatible with dozens of other brands of EVA.

Some brands equipped with Boshc motors

Cube, Dancelli, DBS, Definitive, Diamant, Diamond, Dutch-id, Ebike, Electra, Flyer, Focus, Fuji, Gazelle, Gepida, Ghost, Gitane, Granville, Gudereit, Haibike,Hercules, i:Sy, ibex, Kalkhoff, Kettler, Koga, Kreidler, KTM, Lapierre, Lombardo, Matra, Mondraker, Moustache, Orbea, Pegasus, Peugeot, Puch, Raleigh, Riese & Muller, Rixe, Rose, Scott, Simplon, Sinus, Solex, Sparta, Stevens, Tern, Thomson, Trek, Univega, Velo de ville, Victoria, Viper, Wanderer, Whistle, Winora


Is my bike still under warranty?

If you modify your electric bicycle by installing a Bosch unlocking kit, your bicycle warranty is automatically voided. In principle, if you remove the kit, there is no longer any trace of the unlocking, however, we cannot guarantee that a professional cannot detect the previous presence of a kit.

Will the kit damage my Bosch engine?

The kit does not damage your engine, it simply allows you to release the rated engine power beyond the 25 km/h allowed. The installation of an electronic module will not increase the engine’s power.

What is the impact on the autonomy of my electric bicycle?

The battery capacity remains unchanged. If you use your engine more often (as your engine will now continue to run beyond 25 km/h), then your Bosch battery will discharge more quickly.

How can I be sure that this Bosch kit is compatible with my electric bicycle?

Are you unsure which kit you need? Contact us via the form opposite, we will be happy to answer you within 3 days maximum.