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Since 2016 we have been studying the different modules that allow us to unlock Giant electric bikes. We know very well the differences that exist between the kits sold on the market, which allows us to guide you perfectly towards the model of Giant unlocking kit that best suits your needs. Price, features, weight, durability, reliability, we compare the main criteria for you. Here is our recommendation for unlocking your Giant motor.


Displays half your actual speed
Easy to install and remove
Permanent assistance up to 45 km/h
Compatible with Giant engines
Permanent activation

How it works

No wiring is required to install the Badass kit. No tools are required, the kit is installed on the frame of your Giant bike. Once installed, the module communicates remotely with your Giant engine and allows you to reach a motorised speed of up to 45 km/h.


In 2018, the BadassBox brand of unblocking kits unveiled a device designed to equip Yamaha engines. The BadassBox 4 for Yamaha is an electronic brain enclosed in a waterproof case with a patented spring lock that allows it to be simply and safely attached to the speed sensor of the electric bicycle. There is no need to open the engine compartment or remove the pedals to access it.

The BadassBox 4 has no power cable, as it has its own AAA battery with a range of one year or 7000 km. Its patented field amplification technology allows the release kit to operate without contact and therefore without connection to the motor. The brain picks up the data, removes the speed limiter from the Yamaha engines and displays the actual values on the console screen.


  1. Place the AAA battery in your Giant engine module.
  2. Install the kit on the existing speed sensor.
  3. Adjust the magnet so that the badassbox can recover your speed.
  4. That’s it, you can drive with assistance up to 45 km/h.
  5. To recover your original bike, simply remove the badassbox module.


  • Displays your real speed
  • Permanent assistance whatever your speed
  • Compatible with RideControl ONE console (not compatible with pre 2018 models)
  • Activation via the walk assist button
  • Need access to motor cables to install the module

How it works

The Giant 2019-2021 kit is switched on by pressing the drive assist button for 2 seconds (the instrument panel displays 9.9). If you wish to deactivate the module, simply press the Walk button again (the display shows 2.5).


The SpeedBox 2 electronic module for Giant 2019-2021 is also housed in the housing, close to the engine. Its small size makes it completely invisible even with sealed cables and connectors. Easy to install, the SpeedBox 2 Giant 2019 is specially designed to equip the new generation Giant Syncdrive engines produced from 2019 onwards and which are coupled with a Ridecontrol ONE dashboard only.

Once activated with the WALK button, the module removes the speed limiter and displays actual data such as average speed, daily distance travelled.

The SpeedBox 2 Giant 2.1 is an electronic brain capable of operating the bike’s electrical assistance even beyond the permitted limit. In theory, the EAB can go up to 99km/h, but in reality, other environmental parameters will only allow it to reach between 40 and 60 km/h.

It is possible to temporarily deactivate the SpeedBox 2 Giant 2.1 by pressing the WALK button a second time and the bike will run again with normal settings and assistance up to 25 km/h only. It is also possible to remove the module completely without any consequences for the motor brain.


  1. Switch off your Giant electric bicycle and remove the battery. and remove the engine block to gain access to the cables.
  2. Disconnect your Giant motor using the connectors provided.
  3. Connect the Giant deblocking kit to the previously disconnected connectors.
  4. Reassemble your engine and then reconnect the battery.
  5. Switch on the electric bicycle and activate the speedbox module using the Walk assist button.

Definition of tuning

Unlocking an electric bicycle involves modifying the behaviour of the Giant motor to allow the rider to exceed the motorized speed limit of 25 km/h. This technical procedure can be done manually by “tinkering” the motor, or with the help of an electronic module connected to the motor, among other things.

Avantage compared to manual tuning

In contrast to manual release, a release kit is quick and easy to set up. The performance of your Giant electric bicycle will be much better and the kit will guarantee you optimum performance for many years to come. The installation of this type of electronic module is invisible (as it is housed in the engine crankcase) and does not change the structure of your Giant bike, but only changes the information transmitted to the engine. This means that there is no risk of damaging your electric bicycle by moving parts of the frame.

Giant ebike motors

Syncdrive Life

Syncdrive Life, a pleasure-oriented driving style. The Syncdrive Life is a compact model that ensures a perfect weight distribution on the e-bike, thanks in particular to its low position on the bike. It is therefore suitable for Giant e-bikes with a low frame like the Prime E+ series. With a power output of 250 W and an intermediate torque of 60 N-m, it is sufficient for long rides and leisurely outings. The engine also has 3 manual assistance modes and an automatic mode. The assistance level of 50% to 300% makes it possible to overcome many obstacles, such as long climbs for example, and can still be operated even in walking mode.

The Syncdrive Life engine features a state-of-the-art technology called PedalPlus 6- Sensor which works with 6 sensors that will collect data. The motor’s brain analyses the data with great speed and suggests a mode of assistance more suited to the cyclist. In Auto mode, the system controls the mode change. The assistance stops as soon as the maximum speed reaches 25 km/h, but by installing a suitable unblocking kit, the engine can run up to 99 km/h. The Syncdrive Life weighs 3.45 kg. It can simply be installed in the engine compartment of the frame, behind the pedal crank.

Syncdrive Sport

Syncdrive Sport, a sport-oriented driving style. As its name suggests, the Syncdrive Sport is a dynamic, powerful and sport-driven drive unit designed for intensive sports use. It offers 3 modes of assistance to help it take on off-road challenges. It’s the recommended model for when the Giant e-bike is in high demand on a daily basis.

Thanks to intermediate assistance modes, the engine is able to offer an exceptional riding experience. With Syncdrive Sport, pedalling is more natural and fluid. The level of assistance can vary from 50% to 350% to allow you to negotiate turns and climbs with ease. Sensor PedalPlus 4 technology indicates the presence of sensors that help analyse the cyclist’s environment. The system is therefore able to detect the inclination of the terrain, the change of angle, the speed, the number of revolutions. This information will be processed in a fraction of a second to allow the cyclist to adapt the assistance mode according to his needs. The response time of the Syncdrive Sport engine is 500 ms, making the system a natural extension of the rider’s pedalling style, whether at the start, on a flat or sloping surface.

Syncdrive Pro

Syncdrive Pro, a performance-oriented driving style. On a Giant electric bike, the Syncdrive Pro is a drive unit for high performance riding. This engine can therefore cover very long distances on a daily basis. It is therefore suitable for professional use and top sportsmen and women will be fully satisfied. Full-E mountain bikes are best suited to this 250W engine. It has 5 assistance modes (Eco, Basic, Active, Sport, Power) offering a level of assistance from 100% to 360%.

Although limited to 25 km/h, the engine can actually exceed 99 km/h once unbridled. The Syncdrive Pro’s response speed is its best feature. The engine takes 190 ms to analyse the data collected from the pedals, wheels and angle and then transform this into a suggestion for a mode change. The execution is so fast that the assistance seems to become one with the rider’s pedalling even in ‘on’ mode. The Syncdrive Pro isn’t just faster and better. It’s also smaller, more compact, lighter and more discreet. It fits easily into the bottom of the bike frame for balance and stability.

Ebike Giant displays

RideControl Charge

For a Giant electric bicycle, the Ridecontrol Charge console is a complete alternative. It combines many features that can be very useful such as type of assistance, speed, distance travelled. The dashboard is customisable so that you can try out different types of terrain.

The Ridecontrol Charge is enclosed in a housing with an ergonomic interface and buttons. The buttons are offset on the handlebars to make it easier for the rider to adjust and view the data displayed. This console has a USB port that allows it to be powered by plugging it directly into the battery.

RideControl Evo

The Ridecontrole Evo stands out from the other consoles for Giant with its brand new design housing made of ultra-waterproof, resistant and compact aluminium. This housing has a fixing system that allows the console to be safely installed on the handlebars. Its screen offers excellent visibility for quick and easy handling.

It is possible to view all the useful parameters at a glance: assistance modes offered, speed, battery level, autonomy… In addition, the Ridecontrol Evo is a console connected via Bluetooth that allows you to store fitness data and improve your own performance.

RideControl One

It’s almost surprising to find so many features and performance in such a compact and minimalist dashboard. Its interface is very simple and intuitive to make it easy to get started. It also displays the main information needed to help cyclists improve their performance.

Ridecontrol One is multifunctional, as it can integrate a wide variety of connected functions such as calorie burn, GPS navigation, engine settings. These features set it apart from other dashboards of the brand. The control buttons are also compatible with Giant e-bikes.

Giant ebike batteries

Side-release Energypack

The Side-release Energypack battery is currently a side-release battery that can be positioned above or to the side of the frame. It can preferably be installed on compact e-bikes or mini e-bikes, mountain bikes or trekking e-bikes with a capacity of 400Wh and 500 Wh.

Carrier Energypack

The Carrier Energypack battery is available in 300Wh, 400Wh or 500Wh versions. This capacity makes it possible to determine your autonomy depending on how you use the electric bicycle. It is possible to cover a few kilometres in the greatest comfort especially when you
position on the frame of an urban electric bicycle.

Downtube Energypack

This battery, which covers the needs of your Giant electric bicycle, is built into a dedicated slot in the tubular frame. This Lithium battery features a new technology: innovative cells that can be individually controlled, preventing heat and overheating. Easy to use, this battery can be charged up to 60% in 90 seconds.
mn only.

Top pull Energypack

The Top pull Energypack battery is integrated directly into the frame. It will be able to provide very high power thanks to its high energy density Lithium core. It can have a capacity of 400 Wh or 500Wh depending on the model. They can be used for Giant mountain or trekking electric bikes.

The sale or use of an electric bicycle unlocking kit is now prohibited by the Highway Code. We invite you to check the legislation in force in your country. This article is provided for information only. In no case do we encourage cyclists to equip themselves with a kit.


Is my bike still under warranty?

If you modify your electric bicycle by installing a Giant unlocking kit, your bicycle warranty is automatically voided. In principle, if you remove the kit, there is no longer any trace of the unlocking, however, we cannot assure you that a professional cannot detect the prior presence of a kit.

Will the kit damage my Giant engine?

The kit does not damage your engine, it simply allows you to release the rated engine power beyond the 25 km/h allowed. The installation of an electronic module will not increase the engine’s power.

What is the impact on the autonomy of my electric bicycle?

The battery capacity remains unchanged. If you use your engine more often (as your engine will now continue to run beyond 25 km/h), then your Giant battery will discharge faster.

How can I be sure that this Giant kit is compatible with my electric bicycle?

Are you unsure which kit you need? Contact us via the form opposite, we will be happy to answer you within 3 days maximum.

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  1. Greetings I’m looking for a good reliable speed tuner for my 2019 Giant Rd. E plus hoping you folks can help me with that
    Thanks again

  2. I have installed a Speedbox 2.1 on a 2021 Giant Explore E+1 Pro and it is not working correctly in that when I press the walk button the display shows 6.1 mph but the motor still cuts out at the restricted speed of 15 mph so the bike is restricted. It has been installed correctly but don’t know what steps to take next. On the 6.1 mph setting the speedo changes at arond 13 mph and jumps up to 30 – 40 mph which is incorrect. Is this chip compatible with this bike. Thanks

  3. Hi I’m looking to buy the badassbox 4 giant tuning kit for my giant strange e+ 2 ebike and I’m wondering will it work with my bike it’s 2021 model using giants sync drive sport motor powered by Yamaha

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  6. Hello
    I just ordered your Badass 4 box for tuning my bike.
    I have GIANT TRANCE 2021 BIKE.
    I discovered that the speed sensor is very near to the axle of the back wheel and the magnet is situated in the brake disc.
    Your system uses a magnet on the spoke which is different .
    What do you recommend ?

  7. I have a 2018 Giant Dirt-e Pro 2 MTB. It has the Giant SyncDrive Pro by Yamaha 80nm, with the RideControl Evo Display & Side release Energy pack. It is the Australian Model which is predominantly grey with Fluro Orange detail……
    I am looking at a way to remove the 25km limit whilst maintaining the correct speed & distance on the display, so a number of options are out. Therefore I am considering the Speed Box/VOL Speed etc chip options. Could you please assist;
    There are a number of manufacturers that appear to make a similar/same style ‘chip’.
    Which manufacturer produces the best product?
    What version of that product is manufactured for my e bike?
    Do you sell the product or do you recommend a particular reseller?
    Finally, there are differing opinions on the ‘ease’ of installation & the amount of available space. How does my bike model rate for difficulty 1 being easy & 5 being impossible…..?

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    Produces 2019, model 2020.
    Do you have available?
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    Vol 4 won’t work. What would you recommend please.

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