Shimano ebike tuning chip


  • Engine assistance up to 45 km/h
  • Compatible with all Shimano engines
  • Very easy to install kit, removable in a few seconds
  • Displays data divided by 2
  • NOT suitable for electronic derailleurs (Di2)

How it works

The badassbox 4 for Shimano engine is active as soon as the battery is installed and the kit is correctly positioned on the bike frame. This module communicates with the electrical part of your bike without any cables. If you wish to restore the original functions of your bike, simply remove the badassbox from the frame. This is very easy to do with one hand and without any tools.


On all Shimano EAB drive units, assistance is only provided below 25 km/h. However, it is possible to exceed this limit and drive up to 99 km/h. The BadassBox 4 release kit is compatible with all Shimano engines: E6000, E6100, E7000 or E8000. It does not require any connectors as the kit’s electronic brain can receive and transmit data without contact, using field amplification technology.

The kit does not require internal installation. The engine compartment will therefore remain sealed and intact. The BadassBox 4 is installed close to the crankcase. It is securely held in place with a cable tie and a revolutionary pressure closure system for easy assembly and disassembly. In addition, as it remains outside the engine compartment, it must be equipped with a high-quality AAA battery to ensure a range of approximately 7000 km.

The speed limiter is permanently removed as soon as the kit is installed. However, it is possible to simply remove the Badassbox 4 from its location so that the bike can be returned to its normal state. The actual values are divided by 2.

Definition of tuning

Road regulations require electric bicycle manufacturers to stop the Shimano engine above 25 km/h. Otherwise, the bike is considered as a moped and no longer as a bicycle. By unlocking your bike, you change the basic functioning of the electric part of the bike and can benefit from assistance beyond 25 km/h.

Avantages compared with manual tuning

Tinkering with an electric bicycle is quite complex and can lead to malfunctions. Also, the data displayed on the screen will no longer be accurate.

By installing an external kit such as the Shimano badassbox, you use a professional module, perfectly adapted to your Shimano engine, which does not risk damaging your components in the long term.

Also, compared to manual release, the kit is very easy to install and remove.

Ebike shimano motors

Steps E6000

Shimano has developed a range of engines compatible with its e-bikes. The Shimano Steps E6000 is a very discreet engine especially dedicated to urban use. It is indeed light, silent and compact. It does not take up much space, but provides powerful and intelligent assistance.

The E6000 engine provides a torque output of 50 Nm allowing you to go wherever you want in the city or the country without too much effort. This drive unit is very easy to use even for the uninitiated. Thanks to an intuitive pedal-assist technology, just give the first pedal stroke and the system does the rest.

Changes in assistance mode during use are so smooth that the E6000 motor allows natural pedalling. The behaviour of the electric bicycle is therefore adapted to the user thanks to this automatic gear change option. Beginners in EVA can therefore perfectly adopt Shimano bikes equipped with the E6000 motor without any problem.

In order for the Shimano E6000 to achieve its full potential, it is recommended to combine it with reliable components such as a high-quality lithium-ion battery or a multifunctional and intuitive on-board computer.

The motor brain is enclosed in a waterproof, weatherproof compartment. Optional features include a coaster brake, WALK mode assist, chain retainer.

Steps E6100

Shimano Steps E6100 is a high-end version of the E6000 drive unit. This enhanced version is already present on a large number of VAE models and brands. The latest series of Shimano e-bikes are automatically equipped with this system.

The E6100 motor is distinguished by the integration of a new patented technology called e-MTB. This is a mode of assistance that is particularly sought after by amateur mountain bikers. It is the motor unit to be preferred for mountain adventures and slightly more demanding urban itineraries.

This small 2.88kg engine provides flexible and intelligent assistance large enough to help the rider negotiate difficult obstacles such as bends or trails. Once activated, it provides a natural driving feel. The level of assistance varies from 70% in ECO mode to 230% in HIGH mode.

Cyclists who want to enjoy the scenery can opt for an automatic gear shift function. Purists can stay on manual control of the speed and cadence function. Assistance is provided up to 25 km/h, however, the installation of a compatible release kit can increase the pleasure of riding above the regulatory limit.

The Shimano E6100 engine provides an output torque of 60 Nm, which is more than enough to climb steep slopes or provide rapid acceleration and automatic downshifting in the event of a sudden stop.

Steps E7000

With the Shimano Steps E7000 e-bike enthusiasts will be fully satisfied. It is therefore aimed at sporty cyclists who want to carry out serious training sessions on off-road or mountainous routes. Its output torque of 60 Nm and its power of 250W allow the cyclist to concentrate more on his own performance.

The E7000 drive unit weighs only 2.8 kg and is extremely compact. It offers a better weight-to-balance ratio than the electric bike, which is an excellent feature for a mountain bike. It is easily installed in the lower part of the frame. Its small size makes it possible to adapt its location to the frame structure of the bike.

The E7000 motor behaves very naturally thanks to intuitive pedalling assistance. The cyclist doesn’t feel any big differences as the level of assistance provided adapts according to the difficulties of the terrain.

The assistance support is fully customisable from the dashboard. It is possible to make adjustments that will preserve the engine for as long as possible, despite the rigours of off-road or trail driving. In addition, its rigid, water-resistant case offers maximum security against mud, weather or water.

Steps E8000

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The Shimano E8000 electric assistance system is a highly advanced model in every respect. Starting with its elegant, yet minimalist design making it easy to install on a wide variety of brands and models of EAB.

The intelligent and intuitive assistance of the Shimano E8000 gives the feeling of riding a normal bike even in spite of the high level of difficulty. The engine is powerful enough for outings and sporting activities at a higher level. Steep trails, tight corners, steep slopes and downhill rides are negotiated serenely thanks to an automatic change of assistance mode.

On a Shimano E8000 power unit, you have 3 modes. The default dynamic mode, which provides a smooth start from flat or uphill, can be set to either cruise or pedal at a faster pace. Explorer mode provides more durable and powerful support. And finally, because the Shimano E8000 engine has an electronic brain, you can customize a mode to choose a level of support that suits your riding style and terrain. If necessary, it is possible to manually switch to ECO mode to save battery power or to WALK mode when needed.

Ebike Shimano displays

Display E7000 – E8000

The Display E7000-E8000 offers a wide range of assistance settings from its display. Small and compact, the colour display is placed directly on the bar of the electric bicycle. It has a switch control that allows you to control the motor’s brain without moving your hand.

The LCD screen displays the assistance mode, the current speed and the battery level. Despite its small size, the information displayed on the screen is very legible. The display can be customised to suit your riding style or the terrain (accident, flat, sloping).

Display E6100

Since the E6100 engine it supports is an upgraded version, this E6100 console has also been updated. It offers 4 display options to better visualize the different parameters. This drive unit has an elegant and easy to read display with speed, range, distance, etc. functions.

Intelligent and connected, the E6100 dashboard offers multiple options. For example, it can be connected to your smartphone mobile application or a sensor-based device like Garmin via Bluetooth.

To assist the cyclist, a green or red LED light can be activated on the Display E6100 to read only the battery level and the assistance mode (WALK, ECO, NORMAL, HIGH).

Display E6000

The Display E6000 is specially designed for e-bikes with Shimano E6000 engines. Its black casing with elegant design protects the high contrast, easy-to-read display. The console is supplied with an ergonomic switch for easy installation on the handlebars.

On the display, even in backlit mode, it is possible to view several functions: speed, distance, journey time, clock, gear, battery level indication and the assistance mode chosen. The display is customisable.

Switching from one mode to another is controlled directly on the on-board computer. The 3 modes (ECO, NORMAL and HIGH) are complemented with a WALK mode to assist the cyclist even when walking by pushing the bike.

Ebike Shimano batteries

E7000 – E8000

With a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 504 Wh and a charging time of 2.5 hours, the cyclist can take great detours and leave with the certainty of arriving at his or her destination. In its waterproof case attached to the frame, the robust and ultra-durable battery allows a maximum distance of 100 km to be covered in ECO mode.


As it is designed to power a versatile Shimano VAE engine, it offers a range of 170 km in ECO mode with a quick charge option. As a dedicated battery for the E6100, the battery is a high-capacity Lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 418 Wh or 504 Wh. Its ergonomic shape and small volume does not hinder the cyclist when pedalling.


At Shimano, excellence and performance are explained by the development of a complete electric bicycle system combining the motor, console and battery. For an E6000 engine controlled by an E6000 display, there is nothing better than the E6000 battery, whose capacity and longevity have been designed to cover a maximum distance of 85 km even at full speed.

Some brands with Shimano motors

BMC-Switzerland, Focus, Ghost, Husqvarna, Merida, Scott, Stevens, Wilier, Commencal, Conway, Diamondback, Orbea, Pivot, Ridley, Rock Machine, Author, BH, Bergamont, Kellys, Megamo, Wisper, CTM, Gepida, Vitus

Important note on legislation

Unlocking an electric bicycle involves risks. If your bike exceeds 25 km/h with assistance, it is considered a moped. You must therefore comply with the rules that apply to this type of vehicle (wearing a helmet, prohibited cycle paths, compulsory insurance, etc.).

We cannot be held responsible for any traffic violations. Compliance with traffic regulations is the responsibility of the driver.

The sale or use of an electric bicycle unlocking kit is now prohibited by the Highway Code. We invite you to check the legislation in force in your country. This article is provided for information only. In no case do we encourage cyclists to equip themselves with a kit.


Is my bike still under warranty?

With an external kit, there is a good chance that your bike is still under warranty. If you remove the badassbox shimano module, we believe it is impossible to tell that you have used this type of module. However, we cannot assure you that the kit is completely undetectable.

Does the kit damage my shimano engine?

The kit does not damage your engine, it simply allows you to increase the speed with assistance up to approx. 45 km/h. Your engine continues to run as usual.

What is the impact on the autonomy of my electric bicycle?

The battery capacity remains unchanged. Battery life depends on your behaviour. The more you use the engine, the faster your battery runs down. Don’t forget to recharge your battery regularly for optimum use.

How can I be sure that this kit is compatible?

The Shimano kit from Badassbox is compatible with all Shimano engines. If you wish, you can contact us to check this together.

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